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Integrated Verbund production – the key to optimised performance

What makes the German (and the Rhineland’s) chemical industry so successful is its integrated Verbund production approach, particularly the concept of integrated feedstock supply. Every company in a chemical park can easily benefit from being integrated into this supply system, which gives manufacturing companies reliable access to important substances and products, provided via an expansive pipe bridge network. The by-products of company A’s production process, for example, can be transported to companies B and C to be used as feedstock in their processes. The result is a highly efficient system that provides valuable synergies plus direct benefits for production. And that helps protect the environment and enhance sustainability .

You can find more information about the Verbund system here: Chemiepark Knapsack, CHEMPARK Leverkusen, CHEMPARK Dormagen, CHEMPARK Krefeld-Uerdingen.

Another advantage of the ChemCologne region is the high level of integration between the various parks, which is ensured by a dense network of pipelines.