The Verbund system - Factor of success for the region

The great strength of the German, and therefore also the Rhineland, chemical industry is Verbund production. Verbund material is the outstanding aspect of this essential locational advantage. Companies can be integrated into the Verbund of each chemical park (cf. Chemical park Knapsack, CHEMPARK Leverkusen, CHEMPARK Dormagen, CHEMPARK Krefeld-Uerdingen). The Verbund reliably provides producing companies in the chemical parks with important materials and products via an extensive pipe bridge network. Byproducts of one plant can be used as starting materials for the processes of another. Valuable synergy effects are generated and investors directly benefit from the chemical park concept. Such highly integrated production is very efficient and helps preserve the environment and natural resources.

Another advantage of the ChemCologne region is the high number of pipeline connections between sites. The regional Verbund system is supported by the the dense pipeline network. The map only shows a selection of the most important pipelines in the Rhineland.