Chemical parks in the ChemCologne region

The chemical park landscape found in the Rhineland today is unique. Production sites in the chemical region have changed significantly over the past twenty years. Until the mid-Nineties, almost all chemical works in the Rhineland were comprised of an entrepreneurial unit of production plants and production sites. Today, chemical parks are commonplace. The appropriate provision of free spaces, buildings, infrastructure, networks, and supply and disposal services is taken care of by the company operating the chemical park.
Investors enjoy a whole host of services from a single source, from planning, construction, and operation, to the maintenance and licensing of industrial facilities. Services such as information technology, analytics and logistics are also provided on site. Investors profit from an infrastructure that has been especially developed for chemical companies. This infrastructure enables enterprises to obtain precursors and intermediates and use shared technical, security, and social facilities. Open spaces are generally fully developed and immediately available for use.

Being located in a chemical park offers many advantages for producers:
–    Optimal economic conditions
–    Professional establishment supervision: many years of experience in licensing issues leads to short
      approval times
–    Investment benefits due to established infrastructure
–    Better flexibility and optimisation of business models
–    Possible to concentrate on the core business
–    Using individual services creates cost and time advantages
–    Optimal network structures offer synergy potential
–    Gaining competence via a network of expertise

The following chemical parks offer suitable spaces for potential investors:

BIZZPARK Oberbruch
Chemical park Knapsack
Chemical park Cologne-Merkenich
CHEMPARK Krefeld-Uerdingen
CHEMPARK Leverkusen
Evonik Industries AG, Niederkassel-Lülsdorf