The chemical industry in the ChemCologne region is characterized by a large number of branches, covering nearly the whole range of chemistry, thus representing the "classic" value-creation chain.
•    Petrochemistry  incl. refineries
•    Inorganic and organic basic chemistry
•    Polymers incl. rubber  
•    Fibers
•    Fine chemistry, incl. intermediate products and active ingredients for life science ap-plications
•    Agricultural chemistry
•    Pharmaceuticals

Based on these industries a large number of processing industry businesses are located in the region, such as:
•    Plastic and rubber processing
•    Fiber refinement
•    Paints and varnishes
•    Adhesives
•    Detergents
•    Cosmetics and body care
•    Pharmaceuticals (formulations)

The forward-looking developments in the fields of biotechnology (focus on red and white biotechnology) and new materials (including nanotechnology) are a major benefit to the region. Hence ChemCologne is linked to various clusters and networks like NMWP.NRW, HyCologne, CLIB 2021 und Bioriver.