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Axplora is a premier API manufacturing partner to the world’s leading patient-centric pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, delivering top quality active ingredients on time and at scale, to the highest industry standards. Axplora is dedicated to helping pharmaceutical companies make critical medicines better, faster, safely, reliably, and sustainably benefitting patients worldwide.

Leveraging its combined expertise and manufacturing capabilities across nine industrial sites in Europe and India, and an R&D facility in the USA, Newco offers CDMO solutions to innovators for their small molecule and biomolecular active pharmaceutical ingredients, as well as products that address lifestyle-induced respiratory, inflammatory and liver diseases.eutika sowie Wirkstoffprodukte gegen lebensstilbedingte Atemwegs-, Entzündungs- und Lebererkrankungen.

Products/Services at the locations of the Rhineland area

Contract manufacturer for the life science and fine chemicals industry. The services offered to customers range from product studies on a laboratory scale, through various steps of process development including comprehensive safety-relevant investigations, to production on an industrial scale. We mainly serve customers from the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries, but also from the electrical and cosmetics industries. These are mainly intermediates, but also active ingredient molecules, which are produced in Leverkusen in quantities ranging from a few kilograms to several thousand metric tons per year for customers - if required - also under cGMP conditions. The special expertise of the Leverkusen site is the handling of hazardous chemicals. The site is ISO9001/14001 certified and is also regularly inspected by the FDA for supplying US customers.


Kalkstrasse 218
51377 Leverkusen