Veolia Industriepark Deutschland GmbH

Boos-Fremery-Straße 62
52525 Heinsberg

Short description

BIZZPARK Oberbruch is an extremely innovative production site that is ideal for the food processing, beverage and extrusion industries.

Prominent companies focussing on the production of synthetics, innovative materials and food production are located at BIZZPARK Oberbruch. Together with the region's universities, BIZZPARK contributes to a competent region with valuable expertise and highly qualified employees.

Products/Services at the Rhineland sites

At BIZZPARK Oberbruch, companies choose from a range of services according to their requirements. Besides energy supply, the main focuses are the core areas:
•    Steam and hot water
•    Various types of water
•    Wastewater treatment plant for different types of wastewater resulting from production
•    Companies are also supplied with electricity, natural gas, thermal energy, various types of compressed
      air, cooling power, and other necessary production media
•    Additionally, on-site partners offer comprehensive engineering and maintenance services

Employees at the Rhineland sites