Rhein-Erft Akademie gGmbH

Chemiepark Knapsack
Industriestraße 149
50354 Hürth

Short description

RHEIN-ERFT-AKADEMIE works in partnership with numerous companies to provide diverse professional qualifications.

The apprentice agency recruits apprentices and offers theoretical and practical training and further training on behalf of the customer.

Apprentices can choose from 15 different careers in the fields of chemistry, technology and commerce. The academy educates their clients' employees in security issues, communications, management, logistics, and other areas.

Products/Services at the Rhineland sites

Apprenticeships / retraining:
•    Chemical technician
•    Chemical laboratory assistant
•    Chemical production specialist
•    Pharmaceutical production technician
•    Industrial mechanic
•    Electronics engineer for industrial engineering
•    Electronics engineer for automation technology
•    Mechatronic technician
•    Electric systems technician
•    Process mechanics for plastics and rubber
•    Industrial clerks
•    Commercial clerks

Further training:
•    Logistics services expert
•    Power plant expert
•    Industrial expert in the field of:
      o   Chemistry
      o   Metals
      o   Electronics
      o   Mechatronics
•    Technical business management

Academic studies (career-integrated):
•    Bachelor in Process Engineering
•    Bachelor in Industrial Engineering (specialising in distribution)
•    Bachelor in Industrial Engineering for experts

Employees at the Rhineland sites