Kiel Industrial Services AG

Kölner Straße 65
50389 Wesseling

Short description

Kiel Industrial Services AG was founded in Nördlingen, 2006. The company's foundations were already laid in 1944, with the establishment of M. Kiel Rohrleitungsbau. Today, a total of fifteen legally independent companies, which have become international industrial service providers, operate under the name of Kiel Industrial Services AG. The range of services offered by these companies covers every aspect of plant processing. Their portfolio follows the holistic principle of comprehensive industrial services with the business areas of engineering, maintenance, projects and turnarounds.

The clients of Kiel Industrial Services AG are SMEs and globally operating affiliated companies of the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as refinery and power plant operators.

Products/Services at the Rhineland sites

Plant engineering, electric measurement, control and regulation planning, TAR planning, automation, project management, scheduling, after-sales service

Plant construction, power plant construction, energy plant construction, container construction, apparatus construction, pipe prefabrication, steel construction, general contracting

Maintenance in accordance with DIN 31051/ DIN EN 13306 (maintenance, repair, overhaul, improvement), pipeline construction, pump and fittings services, mechanical engineering, coordination technical building trades (staging, isolation, corrosion protection), power plant services, general assembly and apparatus installation, plastics technology, sheet metal processing, building technology, turnaround, revamps, material management

Employees at the Rhineland sites