INEOS Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH

Alte Straße 201
50769 Köln

Short description

INEOS in Cologne was founded as EC Erdölchemie in 1957. As a petrochemical site, it is an important raw material supplier for the chemical industry. Starting materials, mainly naphtha and butane, are made into raw materials at the Cologne site. These raw materials are the basis of the production of plastics, rubber and fibre. They are also used in solvents, detergents, coatings, fertiliser, pesticides and in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

With 2,200 employees in six business areas, INEOS in Cologne is the largest chemical company and the third-largest industrial employer in Cologne. Since 2005, INEOS in Cologne has belonged to the INEOS Group. Founded in 1998, the INEOS Group is one of the world's leading chemical companies, with 17,000 employees in 16 business areas and an annual turnover of 54 billion USD.

Products/Services at the Rhineland sites

•    Cetonitrile
•    Acrylonitrile
•    Ammonia
•    Ammonia water
•    Benzene
•    Butadiene 1,3
•    Codibutylene
•    Cyclopentane
•    Cyclopentane 70
•    Diisobutylene
•    EC Alkanes
•    EC Blends
•    Ethoxylate
•    Ethylene
•    Ethylene glycol
•    Ethylene oxide
•    Isoamylene
•    Isododecane
•    Isoeicosane
•    Isohexadecane
•    Isooctane 100
•    Polyethylene
•    Propylene
•    Propylene glycol
•    Propylene oxide
•    Raffinate I
•    Raffinate II
•    Nitric acid
•    TAME
•    Tetraisobutylene
•    Toluene
•    Triisobutylene

Employees at the Rhineland sites