HyCologne – Wasserstoff Region Rheinland e.V.

Goldenbergstr. 1
50354 Hürth

Short description

HyCologne is a regional cluster for hydrogen, fuel cells and electric mobility in the Cologne region. For decades, great amounts of hydrogen have been produced by the chemical industry in the Rhineland. HyCologne took the initiative to provide this hydrogen at attractive conditions for pioneering projects. Combined with highly efficient fuel-cell applications, hydrogen offers excellent possibilities for achieving global climate targets and providing an energy supply independent of fossil fuels. The transport sector in particular has paved the way for reducing (CO2) emissions through electric power and more efficient energy use. The introduction of extensive electric mobility can be sustainably achieved by using hydrogen as an energy source.

Products/Services at the Rhineland sites

•    Hydrogen infrastructure and logistics
•    Fuel and supply stations
•    Operation of fuel-cell-powered fleet vehicles (project: Chemergy)
•    Power plant technology – stationary fuel-cell systems (combined heat and power plants)
•    Mobile and portable fuel-cell systems
•    Development of electric traffic and transport concepts

Employees at the Rhineland sites