Dralon GmbH

Chempark Dormagen
41538 Dormagen

Short description

Dralon GmbH, with German sites in Dormagen and Lingen, is an internationally renowned producer of acrylic fibre. Innovation, consistent product optimisation and reliability in service and supply have made dralon® the market leader in acrylic fibres despite increasing competition.

With a total capacity of 190,000 tons per annum and approximately 500 employees in the German plants, Dralon covers the whole product range of dry-spun and wet-spun fibres.

Products/Services at the Rhineland sites

Whether for furniture, carpets or warming blankets: dralon® fibre is omnipresent in home textiles. The well-known acrylic fibre has been used for fashion, sportswear, baby clothing, work clothes, garden furniture and sunblinds since 1954. In addition to the textile product range, functional fibres for technical use are employed in electronics, medicine, the automotive industry, energy storage, and much more.

Sustainability for the future with dralon®
Dralon GmbH has placed great importance on sustainability. It has been the world's first and only acrylic-fibre producer with a carbon-footprint certification since 2008. Dralon acrylic fibres are 100% recyclable.

Employees at the Rhineland sites