Deutsche Infineum GmbH & Co. KG

Neusser Landstr. 16
50735 Köln

Short description

Infineum is one of the world leaders in the formulation, manufacturing and marketing of additives for fuels and lubricants. Established in January 1999, the organisation is a joint venture of two big names in lubricants and fuels, ExxonMobil and Shell. Among our customers there are many well recognised consumer brands.

Services at the Rhineland sites

Our manufacturing site in Cologne is a key part of our organisation and operates two main production units, taking advantage of Cologne’s excellent transportation network to distribute cutting-edge technology via our global supply chain.

The first unit is one of the world’s largest PIB (polyisobutylene, polyisobutene) production facilities, a raw material for the production of a lubricant additive component.

The plant also produces MDFI (middle-distillate flow improvers), an additive composition for improving the low temperature flow properties of petroleum distillate fuel.
The three cornerstones of our approach to conducting business are:
•    Close collaboration with oil marketers and original equipment manufacturers
•    Technology excellence in proprietary formulations
•    Supply reliability

We’re proud to be part of the highly skilled and dedicated Cologne chemistry community.

Employees at the Rhineland sites