Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Unter Sachsenhausen 10-26
50667 Köln

Short description

The Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been a strong partner and supporter of companies in the economic region of Cologne for over 210 years. It currently represents the interests of approximately 150,000 member companies. CCI Cologne represents commercial business interests in politics and administration. It regularly comments on issues regarding the sites, taxes and other important economic topics. As a public legal body, CCI Cologne supports autonomous economic activity.

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CCI Cologne creates new professions according to company requirements, ensures standards for vocational and further training exams, and assists in settling professional disputes out of court. Additionally, CCI Cologne is a service partner for companies and supports corporate development with various services. It also provides advice regarding economic difficulties and company succession.

The CCI has been coordinating and supporting the acceptance initiative “Industrie. Gemeinsam. Zukunft. Leben. (” since 2013.

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