Braskem Europe GmbH

An der Welle 3
60322 Frankfurt am Main

Produktionsstandort Wesseling:
Rodenkirchener Str. 400
50389 Wesseling

Short description

Braskem Europe is a local producer of thermoplastic resins. In Europe, Braskem employs approximately 170 workers responsible for a local production capacity of 550 kt polypropylene (225 kt in Wesseling and 325 kt in Schkopau). The locally produced products are sold in various industry markets, such as packaging, consumer goods, the automotive sector and other long-lasting plastic applications. These and other polyolefins, such as polyethylene (PE), especially Green PE, UHMWPE, and EVA, are imported from Brazil and the US and distributed in Europe.

Products/Services at the Rhineland sites

Production of polypropylene

Employees at the Rhineland sites

approx. 60