Bezirksregierung Köln

Zeughausstr. 2-10
50667 Köln

Short description

The Cologne regional government district is an intermediate-level agency in North Rhine-Westphalia's government system. It functions as a main intersection between federal state government and regional self-government, and unites almost all administrative branches under one authority. It is therefore characterised as a “bundled authority”.

Products/Services at the Rhineland sites

Central services:
•    Personnel affairs
•    Officers for departmental budgets, allocations, legal services, internal services
•    Organisational matters, ICT technology, internal auditing

Public safety laws and regulations, public health, social affairs, emergency prevention, transport
•    Regulatory responsibilities, sovereign tasks
      Recognition of foundations, compulsory purchases
•    Public safety and emergency prevention
•    Financial assistance to staff
•    Public health, medical and pharmaceutical matters, social welfare matters,  
      Hospitals planning and funding
•    Transport

Regional development, supervision of local authorities, economic affairs
•    Supervision of local authorities, surveying and cadastre issues
•    Regional development, brown coal mining
•    Development in rural areas, land administration
•    Office of the Braunkohle NRW Board of Arbitration for the settlement of claims for damage caused by mining operations
•    EU funding, European Social Fund and European Regional Development Fund, European Territorial Cooperation INTERREG
•    Urban development, construction supervision, construction, housing and cultural heritage promotion and protection

Schools, education
•    Primary schools and schools for pupils with special educational needs
•    Hauptschulen and Realschulen (secondary schools preparing students for apprenticeships and vocational qualifications)
•    Grammar schools, secondary education – stages I (up to age 16) and II (age 16 and over), school-type related supervision of subjects/lesson content for stage II of comprehensive schools and secondary education for adults
•    Comprehensive schools, secondary education stage I (up to age 16) and II (age 16 and over)
•    Vocational training institutions
•    Teacher training and continuing training
•    Personnel and staff planning affairs
•    Education law and organisation of schools, construction of schools, relations with the churches, alternative schools, sport, sports facility building,  
      further education, arts and promotion of culture, public libraries
•    Grants for education and further training
•    Quality analysis in schools

Environment, workplace health and safety
•    Nature, landscape conservation, fisheries
•    Waste management – including installation-related pollution control
•    Pollution control – including installation-related pollution control
•    Water management – including installation-related pollution control
•    Workplace health and safety - technical aspects
•    Workplace health and safety - operational aspects

Geobasis NRW – surveying and mapping
•    Data standardisation and harmonisation, georeferencing
•    Collection of topographic information
•    Topographic and cartographic information system
•    Geoinformation centre, geodata infrastructure

Employees at the Rhineland sites

approx. 1,850